Screened as part of NZIFF 2004

The Digital Space 2004 

72 minutes

Digital animation means different things to different people. As well as describing the tools of an animator can adopt, it can also describe a particular look, rhythm or feel of a piece of moving image artwork. The zone between 'animation' and 'effects' is hazy. Increasing numbers of works are being created on computers by people who sometimes express surprise that they would be considered animators at all, or even filmmakers. The terms of reference are diverse and contradictory: digitally animated characters are simultaneously criticised for being unlifelike and heralded as the templates for contemporary design aesthetics. The new artform may be amorphous, but there's a common feature that characterises nearly every digital work you see. It's the way movement is no longer governed by our conventional understanding of the third dimension. Tradition animation broached this boundary long ago, but digital animation exists almost entirely outside of it. The abstraction of space, the way it is created and filled, the way it is given depth and the way we are drawn through it: this is something we take increasingly for granted in our moving image art and entertainment. If the digital revolution means any single thing in animation, it may be this breathtaking liberation from ordinary notions of three-dimensionality. This rich collection of films and video art pieces explore this notion in a range of different ways – we invite you to step into the Digital Space. — MT

Generation 2004


A stunning, intriguing work which moves seamlessly from one space to another exploring themes of universal creative tranmission and connection.

Louis 2003

6 minutes

Enchanting, intricately observed detail. The tin star puppet hero of a mechanical theatre goes deep into the nuts and bolts of his own little clockwork universe.

Knight Games 2003


3 minutes

A happy family of dragons play hackey-sack with a seemingly endless parade of hapless knights.

Losing Touch 2003


6 minutes

Magic Eye aesthetic meets high-tech effects meets metallic lithographic imagery. A series of simple street scenes reconstructed to stunning effect. 

Jetlag 2003

5 minutes

Airports – those spaces devoted to mass, rapid movement. This piece goes looking for the visual rhythm within that space.

Car Craze 2003


13 minutes

One of the wildest films we've ever seen. Cars have evolved into parasitic life forms, enchanting mankind and sapping vital life juices from the earth.

Oio 2003


8 minutes

11 years in the making, 540 litres of paint, 56 colours, 7000 metres of film, 33,000 digitised images. An avalanche of material almost overwhelms in its richness and texture.

Rascanes 2002


10 minutes

In uncertain times, a small group of creatures comes together in a kingdom in the sky to share a feast.