Screened as part of NZIFF 2004

Homegrown: Works on Video 

72 minutes

We’re delighted to highlight some strikingly original short pieces from New Zealand’s buoyant video scene, showcasing established and emerging talents in animation, dance and drama.

Rock 2003


Out in the suburban fringe, a young boy befriends a pet rock. Obsession turns to tragedy as the object of his imagination snaps apart.

Man With Issues 2003


Alone in his cell, an old man examines his sense of self-worth in a psychotic monologue that reveals a deeply disturbing secret. Quirky claymation classic, from the workshop of Tom Reilly.

Woven 2004


Sometimes friendship can be too close. Two bodies intertwine, tussle and toil. Features seascapes, word-games and graceful performances from Erica Viedma and Min Kyoung Lee.

Dead End 2003


A black comedy delivered straight from New Zealand’s rural underbelly that will have you reaching for your seatbelt.

Figures of Speech 2004


Movements in dance segue with language, code and rhythm in a unique, texture-rich dance piece by Daniel Belton – Dunedin’s most prolific dance filmmaker.

Fish 2004


It’s time for Fish to come clean, and in doing so, he’ll have to push the boundaries of his friendships – and his sanity. A gritty, urban drama – not for the faint of heart.

Generation 2004


Pulsing rhythms of energy race through power pylons in a journey through space, time and unsettling dreamscapes. A masterpiece of animation based on a short poem by the director.