Screened as part of NZIFF 2004

Homegrown: Works on Film 

79 minutes

This year’s selection of the best of local 35mm short film showcases four works from the Film Commission’s hotly-contested Short Film Fund programme and two that were funded independently. Full of drama, comedy and visual poetry: all are contenders to represent New Zealand at international festivals. One, Closer, has already been honoured by selection for the prestigious competition at Cannes.

Closer 2004


A touching story of a deaf teenage boy struggling with the loss of his older sister. Sometimes silence can be the most revealing thing of all. Official Selection, In Competition, Cannes Film Festival 2004.

Fleeting Beauty 2004


A woman traces the spice routes of antiquity on her lover’s back. The scents of cinnamon, stains of tumeric and the heat of red chilli flavour this visual feast.

Tiga e le Iloa (Hidden Pain) 2003


On the streets of South Auckland, two Samoan brothers find themselves in a dilemma that neither their family nor their church can get them out of.

My Father’s Shoes 2003


A bittersweet prodigal son story. When Jeremy returns home, he’s greeted less than enthusiastically by his parents – to whom his only tenuous link is a pair of old gardening boots.

Boy 2004


An ambitious, near-silent story of young male prostitute in a small New Zealand town who holds the secret behind a fatal hit-and-run accident.

A Thousand Masks 2004


11 minutes

A young man dies suddenly and a surreal twist gives his young brother the chance to uncover the hidden truth.