Screened as part of NZIFF 2004

Animation Now 2004 

85 minutes

Another year, another bountiful crop of diverse and endlessly fascinating animation. Insane doctors, envious bugs, stark political statements, lonely beekeepers and classic jazz provide some of the inspirations for the films in this year’s collection. Computers helped make some of them but the world of animation draws to it those skilled in the use of clay, oil paints, felt pens and even car-bog to prove that – once again – the rumours of the demise of hands-on animation are greatly exaggerated. — MT

Man With Issues 2003


An understatement of Shakespearean proportions. Not everything is as it seems in this mental asylum. We are delighted to be able to open this year's Animation Now! with such an accomplished local film.

Sunday Evening 2003


6 minutes

A totally beguiling little tale about a lonely little parasite pondering what all the beautiful, high society bugs might be up to, under the full moon.

Riba 2003

A beautiful, ethereal film in which the village gas lamp lighter – a cat – meets a giant flying golden fish. Exquisite design and a wonderful colour palette give this film a very painterly feel.

Complex Premonition 2003


8 minutes

A man and his surroundings begin to lose their natural form and character until all that is left is just a shell – a mere glimpse of what had once been. Drawing deeply on a variety of artistic styles, this film uses every inch of the screen for bold effect.

Grandad's Honey 2002

5 minutes

A gorgeously rendered, poignant story of an old, lonely beekeeper surrounded by the beauty of nature and the emptiness of life’s lost treasures.

Flux 2002

8 minutes

Demented, over-caffeinated images of home maintenance and child raising. Mayhem to the last drop.

Instinct 2003


10 minutes

An alternative creation myth – or not. What happens when a creator loses control of his creations and they begin to obey their own will. An intricate world of connecting lines and fine balances begins to unravel fast before our eyes.

The Match 2002


4 minutes

Art and sport meet as we witness a simple soccer match recreated in gorgeous, living, breathing oil paints.

Cameras Take Five 2003


3 minutes

Superb camera-less animation, a perfect synchronisation of sound and vision. A visual feast set to an all time jazz classic. Immaculately synchronised to Dave Brubeck’s near perfect rendition of the classic ‘Take Five’.

Harvie Krumpet 2003


23 minutes

And this year's Academy Award for best animated short goes to... Adam Elliot's latest stop-motion masterpiece. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them... And then there are others. Harvie's misfortunes are never-ending, but he finds love, freedom, nudity and the meaning of life.