Screened as part of NZIFF 2001

Schnitzel with a Twist of Lemon 

89 minutes

The Moving Image Centre is delighted to present two programmes (see also Beergarden) in association with The Short Film Agency of Hamburg. The Agency was founded in 1992 with the aim of improving and developing the distribution structures for short films in Germany. In 1996 the Moving Image Centre and the New Zealand Film Commission selected several programmes of New Zealand shorts which were screened in the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg. The assistance of the Goethe Institut enables us to return the compliment.

The main course is drama, but comedy of the macabre is served as a side dish. This buffet of strangeness features a diverse mix of drama, experimental, and animation.

Silverstar 2000

12 minutes

To Bergmann, the trolley collector at the megastore on the outskirts of town, his work is an art. When newer technologies cost him his job, his response turns loss to poetry, music, dance.

Bss 1999


2 minutes

…in which a fly finds it has more in common with the pachyderm than meets the eye.

Love 1999

14 minutes

Cesare used to be a star, a long time ago. The venues have become smaller and the audiences more cruel. Cesare is on his way to his next performance with his keyboarder Joe but their way ends at a fork in the road.

Fog 2000


Germany In German with English subtitles
12 minutes

Paying tribute to the art of famous Austrian poet Ernst Jandl, who died in 2000, Fog creates a visual equivalent to Jandl’s ‘poems to childhood’.

Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job 2000

Germany In German with English subtitles
10 minutes

Klaus, newly awarded his forklift truck driver's licence, discovers on his first day at work that he doesn't really have what it takes. A splatterfest told in deadpan training-video style.

Gone Underground 2000


9 minutes

A woman on the subway takes matters into her own hands when her fellow passengers flout the rules.

The End of the War 2000


France / Germany
14 minutes

When a German tourist parachutes into an old Frenchman’s garden he is taken prisoner and reported to the authorities.

The Upper Storey 2000

6 minutes

White sheets. An empty attic. A driven man. An intense evocation of an inner struggle for balance.

Strange Fur 2000


4 minutes

For polar bears in a zoo, there ain’t much to do.