The Pride of Strathmoor
The Pride of Strathmoor
Pilots on the Way Home
Pilots on the Way Home
The Master
The Master

Screened as part of NZIFF 2015

Dark Hearts 

Sex, violence and scabrous visions of human infamy rule in this international panorama of R-rated animated shorts, including acclaimed new work from several masters of the art.

90 minutes
content that may offend, nudity, offensive language, sexual violence, violence

If Uncle Walt wound up creating the happiest place on earth, the dark legion of anti-Walts down through the decades have mined the psychic depths and brought forth visions of mayhem and woe – some of them with exacting precision, others in splurges of sheer violence. This programme is the realm too of scabrous satire, where lynch mobs and lunching lawyers get what’s coming. There are no happy endings here and much that has the potential to shock and offend.

The Pride of Strathmoor 2014


9 minutes

WARNING: Contains strobing effects
Georgia, USA in the summer of 1927; pastor John Deitman descends into madness.

Pilots on the Way Home 2014


16 minutes

A dark meditation on male-female relations from two living masters of the art form.

The Andes 2012

4 minutes

A bright light shone into a ghostly room illuminates a search for a precious treasure.

The Master 2015


18 minutes

Things don’t necessarily get better once the victimised assume control.

Wawd Ahp 2013

3 minutes

A severed head is bullied by the body it just separated from.

Splintertime 2014


11 minutes

The latest monstrous masterpiece from the Baron of Bizarro. His crew ‘Thee Wreckers’ winds up in a nightmarish ambulance ride to freedom or oblivion.

Hipopotamy 2015


13 minutes

A canvas of velvet cruelty plays out in a tranquil paradise, bringing to the surface impulses that are as old as life itself.

Trusts and Estates 2013


5 minutes

Four lawyers engage in a bantering lunch conversation, disgorging their empathy-free world views.

House of Unconsciousness 2015


11 minutes

A man must navigate a bizarre hell of his own making if he is to save everything that matters to him.