Films to See With...

Friday 6 July 2018

Films to See With...

The 2018 NZIFF programme is now out in the world and with more than 150 films screening around the country there’s no doubt you’ll be feeling overwhelmed by choice. To make your selection just that little bit easier, we’ve narrowed down a bunch of our favourites for you to consider. Whether you need a charming watch for a first date, want to challenge your thinking, need a jolly good laugh, or just want someone else to choose a film for you, we’ve put together a collection that’s sure to tick any or all of those boxes:

Ease the awkwardness of a first date

Looking for the perfect film to accompany your first date, minus the mushy love scenes? These five films will give you plenty to talk about outside the cinema and have you feeling just the right amount of film-fuelled amour:

American Animals

Brimstone & Glory

Cold War

In the Aisles

Keep the Change


Take yourself on a date

A date for one is just as fun! A great film can be all the company you need. Here’s a handful guaranteed to draw you into their own special worlds:

3 Faces

The Ancient Woods


Djon África


The Price of Everything

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist

Challenge your thinking

These thought-provoking ground-breaking films are bound to educate, titillate and even change your view on some controversial subjects. Get your open mind at the ready:


Our New President

The Cleaners

The Devil We Know

The Distant Barking of Dogs

Indulge in a pick-me-up

Banish the winter blues and warm your cockles with a heart warming film that’ll leave you feeling all the good fuzzies. From guide dog puppies in training to stories of immense human compassion, you’ll emerge from the cinema feeling full of hope and ready to do good.

Keep the Change

Le Grand Bal


Pick of the Litter


Woman at War

Spend time with the family

Escape the house mid-winter and start your kiddos’ cinema exploration off young; whether you’re a household with tiny people under 10 or there’s a couple of tweens in the mix, we’ve got animated and heartfelt films that’ll strike just the right chord with all ages.

Animation for Kids 4+

Animation for Kids 8+



Science Fair 

Seek out a thrill

If your ideal night at the cinema is more heavily weighted with thrills and spills, then we’ve got plenty of feature and documentary picks from around the globe to cater to your penchant:

Ash Is Purest White

Birds of Passage


The Guilty

Three Identical Strangers

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