Selling Fast and Sold Out in Auckland

Friday 7 July 2017

Selling Fast and Sold Out in Auckland
Beatriz at Dinner

Selling Fast

Tuesday 25 July

6.15pm Sami Blood (Academy Cinema)

Wednesday 26 July

2.15pm The Beguiled (Rialto Newmarket)

Friday 28 July

6.15pm Beatriz at Dinner (ASB Waterfront Theatre)
6.15pm Final Portrait (Rialto Newmarket)

Saturday 29 July

1.45pm Pop Aye (Rialto Newmarket)
6.00pm The Midwife (Rialto Newmarket)
6.00pm Stalker (Event Cinemas Queen St)
6.15pm New Zealand's Best 2017 (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Sunday 30 July

1.00pm Top of the Lake: China Girl (ASB Waterfront Theatre)
1.45pm House of Z (Rialto Newmarket)

Monday 31 July

1.45pm Manifesto (Academy Cinema)
2.00pm Wind River (Event Cinemas Queen St)

Wednesday 2 August

6.15pm Waru (ASB Waterfront Theatre)
6.30pm House of Z (Rialto Newmarket)

Thursday 3 August

6.30pm The Party (Rialto Newmarket)

Friday 4 August

8.15pm The Nile Hilton Incident (Academy Cinema)

Saturday 5 August

2.00pm Ethel & Ernest (Rialto Newmarket)
6.15pm A Date for Mad Mary (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Sunday 6 August

1.15pm Not Just Another Mountain (Academy Cinema)

Sold Out

Tuesday 25 July

8.45pm My Friend Dahmer (Event Cinemas Queen St)

Wednesday 26 July

8.15pm Bad Genius (Event Cinemas Queen St)

Thursday 27 July

4.30pm Beatriz at Dinner (Rialto Newmarket)
6.15pm The Paris Opera (Rialto Newmarket)

Sunday 30 July

11.15am China's Van Goghs (Academy Cinema)
3.30pm Menashe (Academy Cinema)

Tuesday 1 August

6.15pm Kobi (Academy Cinema)

Friday 4 August

8.45pm 6 Days (ASB Waterfront Theatre)

Saturday 5 August

11.30am Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait (Event Cinemas Queen St)
8.15pm 6 Days (Rialto Newmarket)

Sunday 6 August

12.45pm My Life As a Courgette (Subtitled) (Event Cinemas Queen St)
1.00pm Beatriz at Dinner (Rialto Newmarket)
1.30pm Swallows and Amazons (Event Cinemas Westgate)
2.45pm Human Traces (Rialto Newmarket)
6.45pm The Nile Hilton Incident (Academy Cinema)

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