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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

David Gelb

Portrait of legendary Tokyo sushi chef, 85-year-old Jiro Ono. “Torture to watch – if you are on an empty stomach… a paean to perfectionism and crafty bit of food porn.” — Hollywood Reporter

A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt

Sally Rowe

Ten years in the rollercoaster career of Paul Liebrandt, a brilliant young English chef in New York, documented by expat Kiwi Sally Rowe. “Liebrandt makes a charismatic focus… a gastronomic thriller.” — Wall St Journal

The Trip

Michael Winterbottom

Comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan take a road tour of northern English restaurants. "Hilarious and touching... like a funnier, flakier, madcap British version of My Dinner With Andre." — Entertainment Weekly