Film lovers, we need your support!

NZIFF has launched a Boosted campaign to raise $40,000 from public donations to equip the Isaac Theatre Royal with state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Projection facilities.

Boosted, an online donation website provided by The Arts Foundation, allows for tax deductions on any donation over $5.

The substantial post-quake rebuild of the Isaac Theatre Royal provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the silverscreen and find NZIFF a home in Christchurch. Scheduled for completion in 2014, this donation will make the Isaac Theatre Royal will become a spectacular multipurpose venue like that in Auckland (Civic), Wellington (Embassy Theatre), and Dunedin (Regent Theatre).

NZIFF needs to raise $280K to equip the Theatre for film. The Christchurch City Council has already agreed to provide partial funding for the equipment, with one condition: NZIFF must generate the additional $210,000.

The Hobbit (and Christchurch-based) actor Mark Hadlow has put his face to the campaign with a short video encouraging New Zealanders to donate only the cost of a NZIFF ticket for Christchurch.

Prominent Christchurch filmmakers like Gerard Smyth (When a City Falls), Peter Young (The Last Ocean) and Gilian Ashurst (Snakeskin) are also lending their support to the NZIFF fundraising campaign. 

Interested to become involved? Find out more about NZIFF's Boosted campaign here.