The Digital Space

Director: Various
Year: 2006
Running time: 73 mins
R13 adult themes, violence, horror scenes, content may disturb

The digital realm continues to fracture and diversify according to the various delivery platforms our world offers. With digital animation increasingly available for download, on cell phones and even on plasmas in the back of taxis, there seems to be a resurgence of digitally envisaged works constructed very much with the big screen in mind. The detail, depth of field and full, resonant sound that are the unique qualities that only a cinema can deliver were the touchstones used in compiling this year’s Digital Space.

J. Bitzer, I. Brunck, T. Weber, Germany 2006, 6 mins
Fog has devoured the forest, which saw your quietest happiness... a low-down natural scene rendered in shiny metal.

G. Vu, R. Roussel, C. da Rocha, J. da Silva, France 2006, 2 mins
A richly imagined, cubic rendition of the evolution of man.

Hendrick Dusollier, France 2007, 6 mins
A twisted, spectacular piece of grotesquery focusing on a face trapped in a dangerous prison of the mind.

Krijt (laatste van het systeem)
Klaas Lagevern, The Netherlands 2006, 7 mins
A solitary figure - the chalked phantom of a crime scene - begins an inquisitive roam through the greying urban labyrinth.

Marcin Pazera, Poland 2006, 7 mins
A film of awe-inspiring textures and intensely imagined detail presented as if through a cinéma vérité camera.

Monster Samurai
Sakakibara Moto, USA 2006, 7 mins
A prestigious killing machine of a warrior is challenged to save as many lives as he has taken.

Urban Velkavrh, Slovenia 2006, 4 mins
A salutary tale of good robots turning bad. NannyBot accidentally kills the child and comes up with a special repair job.

Gavin Dean, UK 2006, 2 mins
A wispy character composed of alphabetic DNA is tracked through his desperate climb to the top.

Ray Ray
Armagan Ballantyne, Jon Baxter, New Zealand 2006, 8 mins
An astonishing train ride through the light fantastic.

Sigg Jones
D. Lassance, M. Bessudo, J. Vuillemin, France 2006, 7 mins
A spectacular piece of animated choreography drawing from the design and pacing of gaming with more than a nod to The Matrix.

The Crown
Tatyana Trifonova, Bulgaria 2006, 2 mins
There are only so many leaders, only so many followers, only so many plots - and only so many times a knife can go into the back.

Tough Guy! 2005 Special Edit Version
Kishimoto Shintaro, Japan 2005, 7 mins
Think insects on steroids and you're part way there. A supercharged, big picture crash-tackle into a tiny world.

Une charogne
O. Berry, A. Cui, O. Sipesaque, S.C-H. Tung, France 2006, 4 mins
Almost too much detail for the eye to muster. A flowing, gliding journey through a forest of surreal beauty.

Doll Face
Andy Huang, USA 2005, 4 mins
The haunting deconstruction of a digital/human/robotic face. A truly fascinating film blurring every technical and creative line.