Homegrown: Drama on Video

Director: Various
Year: 2009
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 75 mins
R13 violence, offensive language, content may disturb

This year's crop of short dramas spans the gamut of emotions – from anger and fear through to happiness and light. The characters represented in these films range from the dark and dysfunctional to the light and lovable. There's something for everyone in this smorgasbord of works from Aotearoa's finest up-and-coming filmmakers.

USA/NZ 2009. Director: Richard Levien Producers: Richard Levien, Kit Fox, Zareen Levien. 14 mins
Richard Levien is a US-based film editor. Immersion, his first film as a director, follows the trials and tribulations of Moises, a Spanish-speaking pupil new to school in San Francisco. How language can be a barrier to proving one's intelligence!

The Big Happiness
NZ 2008. Director: Michael Humphrey Producers: Beatrix Coles, Kat Phyn. 13 mins
Michael Humphrey lives and works in Auckland. The Big Happiness is his first short film, made for his Master of Arts degree at the University of Auckland. A chance encounter in an art-supply shop, a stolen book, a case of mistaken identity – The Big Happiness.

NZ 2009. Director/Producer: Garrick Rigby. 15 mins
Horses was filmed in 2008 as part of the Screen Production honours programme at the University of Auckland. Horses explores issues of jealousy and domestic violence. What attracts people to each other and why do some individuals in abusive relationships go back for more?

NZ 2008. Director: Anton Steel Producer: David de Lautour. 10 mins
Anton Steel has worked in the film industry for 12 years. He has been an assistant director on feature films and has also directed several short films and music videos. The man on the rooftop is ready to jump. The pregnant woman, angry and crying on the footpath below, is in his way. Why are these two strangers having such a bad day?

Love & Luksaah
NZ 2008. Director: Mei Producer: Alex Lee. 13 mins
Mei is an actress, producer, writer and director. She wrote and directed Love & Luksaah (aka Love & Laksa). A whimsical tale of love, jealousy, food and martial arts!

NZ 2008. Director: Sina Walker Producers: Dell McLeod, Dale Trueman, John Farnsworth. 10 mins
Sina Walker is Dunedin-based. Paradise is a product of Short Film Otago, which has a mission to re-invigorate screen drama in that region. The landscape of Central Otago forms a stunning backdrop to this rite-of-passage tale about a young boy on the opening day of the duck shooting season.