Homegrown: Animation and Experimentation on Video

Director: Various
Year: 2009
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 74 mins
R16 violence, horror, nudity, supernatural themes

This eclectic programme brings together the cream of Kiwi animators and innovators. Prepare yourself for ugliness and horror, for beauty and love, for laughter and tears. This is a must-see collection of shorts that reflects the diversity and exuberance of its creators.

Day Drive
NZ/Canada 2009. director: Paul Wedel Producer: Will Moore. 7 mins
Day Drive is a Screen Innovation Production-funded companion piece to Night Drive (Homegrown in 2008). Paul Wedel is a Canadian who resides in Wellington. Day Drive is a visually and aurally stunning journey through the heart of urban and rural New Zealand.

NZ/UK 2008. director: Kirk Hendry Producer: Libby Durdy. 5 mins
Kirk Hendry is a New Zealand-born, London-based filmmaker who works in both live action and animation. Round is a tale of death and rebirth in a jungle world of shadowy hands.

Pleasant Concrete
NZ 2008. director/Producer: Michael Reihana. 10 mins
Michael Reihana is a Dutch Maori/Pacific Island filmmaker. Pleasant Concrete investigates the relationship between man and machine.

Soaring, Roaring, Diving
NZ 2008. directors/Producers: Miriam Harris, Juliet Palmer. 6 mins
Miriam Harris is an artist and animator and senior lecturer at Unitec. Juliet Palmer is a Toronto-based composer who grew up in New Zealand. Soaring, Roaring, Diving incorporates animation, drawing and Super 8 film.

Better Military Modelling
NZ 2008. Director/Producer: Jill Kennedy. 7 mins
Jill Kennedy is an artist trained in painting and animation. Better Military Modelling re-imagines childhood knowledge and games through playful pastiche.

The Void
NZ 2009. Director: Gary Davies Producers: Gary Davies, Mike Hohaia. 7 mins
Gary Davies and Mike Hohaia have been collaborators since 1999. A young couple's car inexplicably plunges off the edge of physical reality into a neverending pitch-black void.

In the Name of Art
NZ 2008. Director/Producer: Mardo El-Noor. 12 mins
Mardo El-Noor settled in New Zealand in 2003. In the Name of Art is a visually inventive story of two artists who will go to the ultimate extreme to win the coveted prize.

NZ 2008. Director/Producer: Niki Hiini. 3 mins
Niki Hiini is an Auckland animator. Grace is a beloved and respected family matriarch, with a long-kept secret.

NZ 2008. director/Producer: Gina Kindred. 5 mins
Gina Kindred is an Auckland-based filmmaker. Humanchine explores a human-plus-machine hybrid.

NZ 2009. director: Rowan Wernham Producer: Thierry Jutel. 12 mins
A collaboration between artist James Robinson and filmmaker Rowan Wernham, x.o.genesis mixes stop motion animation and digital post production.