Geoff Murphy

Tales of Mystery and Imagination is Geoff Murphy's latest film. Geoff became a key New Zealand filmmaker during the renaissance of New Zealand cinema that began in the last half of the 1970s. He has also worked as a scriptwriter, assistant director, special effects man, school teacher and trumpet player.

Murphy was a founding member of legendary hippy group Blerta, which toured New Zealand and Australia performing multimedia shows in the early 1970s. It spawned the film Wild Man and the Blerta television series. Murphy later made a 'best of' film chronicling the Blerta phenomenon, and the group's drummer Bruno Lawrence would make a name for himself as an actor, partly through starring in a number of Murphy's films.
Murphy made his name with the classic road movie Goodbye Pork Pie (1981), one of the first New Zealand films to attract large-scale audiences in its home country. Murphy demonstrated his versatility and ability to attract mainstream audiences with the two films that followed: Maori western Utu (1983) and the last man on earth piece The Quiet Earth (1985), both starring Bruno Lawrence.
Geoff's Hollywood films include Young Guns II (1990), Freejack (1992), Under Seige II (1995), Fortress 2 (1999) and Spooked (2004).

He has written scripts and screenplays for several films including Spooked (2004), Never Say Die (1988), Gaylene Preston's film Mr Wrong (1985), Utu (1983) and Goodbye Pork Pie (1981) (written by).

Peter Jackson asked Geoff to return to New Zealand in 2001 to act as second unit director on Lord of the Rings.


Geoff will be present at the screening of Tales of Mystery and Imagination in Wellington. 

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