Animation Now!

Out of the blue, we received 2,200 submissions - a record by a considerable margin. The creative animation scene is alive and thriving. Trying to devise a single collection of films that represents this incredible swirl of styles, techniques and genres is a delightful (while time consuming) challenge. As always, diversity is the only true common thread running through this programme.  

Once Upon a Time
J. Dernoncourt, S. Deroubaix, C. Laplatte, France 2006, 6 mins
Clever and bizarre - a rollicking cavalcade of steam-powered, wind-up, mixed media madness

The Foxhole Manifesto
Nick Fox-Gieg, The Netherlands 2007, 4 mins
A laconic, slow-burn pub poem on the pros and cons of interpreting the many possible paths to (a) god.

A Journey Across Grandmother

Meghana Bisineer, UK 2006, 5 mins
A gorgeously drawn film gracefully tracing the various threads of a relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

Burning Safari
V. Aupetit, M. Maleo, J. Irzenski, F. de la Taille, A. Predal, C.-W. Trebutien, France 2006, 2 mins
Hey look - monkeys! And they're not real happy ‘bout the weird little aliens with the power zappers. Chaos.

La Marche Des Sans Nom
L. Vigroux, N. Laverdure, J. Constantial, France 2006, 6 mins
An intensely detailed film tapping a richly delicious, tormented, surrealist vein of dancing through devastation.

Kristian Andrews, UK 2006, 3 mins
A simple idea brilliantly executed: a single line drawing capturing the big and little details of a humble bus ride.

Janette Goodey, New Zealand 2006, 2 mins
A short, elegantly animated work seamlessly entwined with a specially created - equally elegant - classical music piece.

Ten Thousand Pictures of You
Robin King, UK 2006, 3 mins
Hell hath no fury like an animator scorned!

Guei-Ling Shin, Taiwan 2006, 2 mins
The hand of the animator guides us through this sand animated underwater world.

Luis Nieto, France 2006, 4 mins
An experiment in mini marsupial slicing, inflating and exploding - all in the name of science, of course!

Florian Grolig, Germany 2007, 5 mins
Stunning, über imaginative - a vision that could only be realised through animation. A figure walks through a fracturing, fractal landscape.

The Tale of How
The Blackheart Gang, South Africa 2006, 5 mins
A film of such intense, magnificent visual splendour that words fail us. A veritable cauldron of imagery from an animated world beneath the sea.

Zepe, Portugal 2006, 11 mins
Come trip the light fantastic. An enchanting piece of magical realism full of beautiful twists and turns.

The Man Who Waited
Théodore Ushev, Canada, 2006, 8 mins
A bold and striking, wood-cut styled adaptation of Kafka's The Trial.

Dreams and Desires: Family Ties
Joanna Quinn, UK 2006, 10 mins
The latest tour-de-force from this master animator. A wedding video spirals wildly out of control.