Fireworks Wednesday

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Chaharshanbeh suri

Few Iranian films seen stateside – with the exception of Jafar Panahi’s Crimson Gold – have provided such a vivid feel for urban Tehran, or such a stark, credible glimpse into everyday lives.” — Ben Kenigsberg, Time Out New York

Director: Asghar Farhadi
Year: 2006
Country: Iran
Running time: 104 mins
Censor Rating: M - violence, offensive language

Producer: Jamal Sadatian
Screenplay: Asghar Farhadi, Mani Haghighi
Photography: Hossein Jafarian
Editor: Hayedeh Safiyari
Music: Peyman Yazdanian

With: Hedieh Tehrani, Taraneh Alidoosti, Hamid Farokh-Nejad, Pantea Bahram, Matin Heydarnia, Houman Seyedi, Hassan Tasïri, Sahar Dolatshahi

In Farsi with English subtitles

Festivals: Fajr, Locarno 2006

“The titular fireworks are literal – the story takes place as Iranians celebrate New Year by spring-cleaning and lighting firecrackers – and metaphorical: when Rouhi (Taraneh Alidoosti), a young bride-to-be working for a cleaning agency, turns up at the apartment of a couple about to go on holiday, she’s drawn into an explosive domestic conflict. What distinguishes the film is the way Farhadi keeps us guessing as to what exactly is happening and why; repeatedly shifting our point of view, he forces us to question our assumptions about characters and their reliability. This compelling, corrosive account of male-female relationships in today’s Tehran is tempered by genuine compassion for the individuals concerned; wisely, Farhadi never serves judgement on them in their troubled pursuit of truth, love and happiness. Intelligent, illuminating and directed with unflashy expertise.” — Geoff Andrew, Time Out London