Animation for Kids

Animation is an amazing way to tell a story or spark an imagination. Welcome to this collection of wondrous little (and big) gems that will intrigue and delight everyone from 4 to 94 - but have been selected to especially excite our youngest, most discerning audience.

The Night Watchman
Clément Céard, France 2006, 4 mins
Absolutely whimsical. A small boy gets his turn to ride the giant unicycle that's tall enough to reach the moon and the sun.

A Mouse's Tale
Sam Armitage, UK 2006, 4 mins
Like magic, a beautiful fold-out picture book springs to life with a different story leaping from each page.

Chaffinches and Others
Anatoliy Lavrenishin, Ukraine 2005, 6 mins
A happy, silly chorus of birds on a branch, all practising their singing. But some are a lot better than others.

Stilt Walkers
Alexis van der Haeghe, Belgium 2006, 4 mins
The wonderful adventures of a boy who pilots his strange little airship into a land of giant stilt creatures.

Peo Gallery - Mark Rothko
Fusako Yusaka, Switzerland 2005, 3 mins
Kind of an art class - but mostly just a bunch of really amazing animated plasticine worlds melting and blending into each other.

Toy Artist: Papa & Baby
Various, Korea 2006, 7 mins
There's some mystery and surprises inside every toy and these ones have LOTS!

The Wreck of the Diddley
Stephen Templer, Ruth Templer, New Zealand 2007, 4 mins
FatCat and FishFace sing a wonderfully rollicking musical tale of shipwreck on the South Seas.

S. Blanc, V. Cabrol, A. Valette, France 2006, 6 mins
Funny sheep that can swim and dive underwater just like dolphins and seals - who ever heard of such a thing?

At Home with Mrs Hen
Tali, Canada 2006, 8 mins
Poor Mrs Hen! Her oldest chick is a cheeky tyke. It's time for a lesson.

Jaime Lo, Small and Shy
Lillian Chan, Canada 2006, 8 mins
Shy little Jaime Lo tries to figure out how the world works by using her own drawings.

Asthma Tech
Jonathan Ng, Canada 2006, 7 mins
Winston figures out a way of turning his asthma into a launch pad for being a superhero!

Théodore Ushev, Canada 2006, 7 mins
A fantastic journey set in motion by a magic seashell.