A live cinema and sound event.
Director: Various
Year: 2008
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 75 mins

The new Zealand International Film Festival presents FPS: a live cinema and sound event. FPS is Auckland's annual showcase for exhilarating experiments in Expanded Cinema. Curated by Sam Hamilton and Eve Gordon, it has become a premier merging point for film art, live music/sound art, performance and the exploration of cinema as a live event. — BG

FPS supports a notion of a ‘cinema’ as it once was in its fragile yet ecstatic beginning, an explorative realm for bold new ideas and experimental modes of experience. FPS is cinema that must be experienced. This year, FPS is delighted to be focusing on contemporary artists who are renewing the artistic significance and possibility of a very special film format, Super 8. — Sam Hamilton and Eve Gordon

A Film of One's Own
Louise Curham and Jeff Henderson Live expanded Super 8 film and improvised music. 40 mins
Louise Curham is an Australian artist who works in film performance, installation and experimental film. Her key interest is the experience of deteriorating and ephemeral film images. Her hand-worked Super 8 films reinvent the ‘obsolete’ home movie medium, confronting and marrying the avant-garde traditions of materialist experimental film and the conceptual concerns of contemporary moving image practice. Her wizardry in the ‘direct’ filmmaking process that employs painting, scraping, bleaching, torturing, marking and collaging various materials directly onto the film strips makes her one of the leading contemporary exponents of this gorgeous cinematic form. Her reinvention of ‘cinema’ extends its reach to become a whole environment where the film itself, the performers and machines, the screens, architecture and audience all become equally important parts of the experience. Curham will be teaming up with Wellington explorative music genius and improvised music guru Jeff Henderson to take you on a truly alive and unique cinematic odyssey.

The lights and Perfections Paul Clipson and Rosy Parlane Super 8 film and live electronic music. 35 mins
How on earth can something so astoundingly beautiful be expressed through something so physically minute and technologically out of date as Super 8? Achieving such cerebrally enchanting filmic expressions of the innate and hypnotic psychedelia of the surrounding world seems to be a trademark mastery of contemporary San Francisco artist Paul Clipson. Although not a musician himself, his approach to filmmaking as a creative act functions and resonates more musically than filmically. Using Super 8 film allows Clipson to intimately weave the practice of his filmmaking into an extension of living whereby the improvised collages of in-camera edits, dissolves and double exposures lull you into the vast architecture of nature itself, cascading through fields of light and shadow, foliage, aquatic reflections and other ephemeral luminescences of urban ecology. We are extremely excited to invite internationally acclaimed local sound artist Rosy Parlane to compose and perform live a new soundtrack for this screening.