Animation For Kids 2010

Director: Various
Year: 2010
Running time: 58 mins
Censor Rating: G - cert

Animation has a lot to answer for! Turn on TV and there it is being pressed into service as a thinly disguised Trojan horse to sell the next new line of toys. Marvel at how it has convinced a lot of kids that a story can only be told in a gallop of five-second micro-bursts. This programme claims back some lost ground: wild tales, great characters, a colourful sprinkling of laughs and giggles, a catchy song or two, different ways to play with your food and plenty of surprises. These films are engaging, thought-provoking, and designed to nourish the imagination rather than saturate it. Recommended for ages 5–9. — MT

Stephen Templer/New Zealand 2010/3 mins
A psychedelic exploration of the Nightclub in the New Zealand bush... bird is the word!

Tally Ho, Pancake!
Kai Pannen/Germany 2009/7 mins
Anyway you wanna have ‘em, pancakes are delicious.

Red Rider
Martins Paulins/Latvia 2009/3 mins
A little girl who thinks she’s Napoleon tames the wolf and her grandmother too!

Rob Silvestri/USA 2009/4 mins
This little pig will do anything to get the cookies. Anything!

Mushrooms of the Storm
Jan Stelizuk/Poland 2009/13 mins
A swarm of space-mushrooms chase an alien’s rickety rocket ship.

Garbage Angels
Pierre M. Trudeau/Canada 2008/6 mins
An enchanting world filled with herds and flocks of creatures created entirely from cool junk.

When Apples Roll
Reinis Kalnaellis/Latvia 2009/7 mins
Cat and his friend have their annual apple-picking disturbed when a strange egg rolls into the orchard.

The Lost Thing
Andrew Ruhemann, Shaun Tan/Australia 2010/15 mins
Pure magic. An utterly enchanting big screen adaptation of Shaun Tan’s book of the same name. The story of a young man who happens upon a friendly creature who just isn’t quite in the place it should be in.