Breaking News! NZIFF Gifted

Last night NZIFF GM Sharon Byrne and I made our way through horizontal rain across the Wellington waterfront to joinOcean Design’s 25th birthday party. We had no inkling that NZIFF would be the ones receiving the birthday present. And what a fine present it is.

Winding up a typically understated and heartfelt tribute to his clients, suppliers and staff, past and present, Ocean owner and Managing Director Blair Mainwaring began to allude in glowing terms to the values embodied by the company’s most longstanding client. “Could this be?” I was venturing to think, when I was summoned to the microphone and the most longstanding client was presented with a magnificent cheque of photo-opportunity proportions - for $25,000.

I am not sure that my words of thanks adequately covered our endlessly renewable amazement and delight at the Mainwaring m.o. but I can hope that my stunned expression was all that was needed to rise to the occasion. Working with Blair and a succession of bright, inventive and highly engaged designers and artists at Ocean has been a highlight of festival work for a succession NZIFF staff.  Just  as it can be traced in the life of the films we’ve shown, the story of the last 25 years at NZIFF (and its preceding manifestations) can be read in Ocean’s work for us.

Bravo Blair. Many Happy Returns, Ocean Design. 

- Bill Gosden

Friday 1 November 2013