Isaac Theatre Royal

The substantial post-quake rebuild of the Isaac Theatre Royal (ITR) provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate the art and artists of the giant screen in Christchurch.

We are looking to equip the ITR for Digital Cinema Projection through donations from the public and community grants.  

Check out our successful fundraising campaign on which has now closed. We are thrilled to have reached our Boosted target of $12,000 from public donations.

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About the Isaac Theatre Royal Fundraising Campaign

From the stage of the Isaac Theatre Royal

Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin have the Civic, Embassy Theatre and the Regent respectively. But what about Christchurch? Christchurch audiences have been without a suitable cinema venue for big screen events since the Regent Theatre was converted into a multiplex in 1995.

The Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch is a grand venue that is being rebuilt after being devastated in the earthquake of 2011. Scheduled for completion in 2014, the rebuilt theatre will include 1250 seats and ample foyer spaces.

If we can equip the ITR for state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Projection facilities, it will become a truly spectacular cinema venue like the Civic (Auckland), Embassy Theatre (Wellington) and Regent Theatre (Dunedin). 

Raising $280,000 for the Isaac Theatre Royal

NZIFF needs to raise $280,000 to equip the ITR for film.

We have been notified of the following successful funding applications towards the cause:

Our fundraising to date includes generous grants from the following:

  • Christchurch City Council
  • Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust
  • Southern Trust
  • The Trusts Community Foundation
  • Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust

We have been also been given an extension on the conditional $70,000 Christchurch City Council funding. We now have until late 2013 to raise the balance of funds.

How Can I Donate?

You can donate directly to NZIFF  – we are a charitable trust and donations over $5 are tax deductible. Phone or email us for donation options via credit card or cheque: 04 385 0162 /  

Our Boosted campaign has now closed. Please donate directly to NZIFF. 
Boosted, an online donation website established by The Arts Foundation, allows for tax deductions on any donation over $5. 

Film Community Support

Christchurch-based actor Mark Hadlow has put his face to the campaign with a short video encouraging New Zealanders to donate only the cost of a NZIFF ticket for Christchurch.

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Artist's vision of the Isaac Theatre Royal post rebuild

Prominent Christchurch filmmakers are also lending their support to the NZIFF fundraising campaign:

“The earthquakes have taken so much. But just sometimes there are silver linings. Let’s bring the Festival into the heart of the re-imagined city. Let’s make the very beautiful Isaac Theatre Royal home to the Christchurch leg of the New Zealand International Film Festival.” – Gerard Smyth, Director, When a City Falls

“I can’t think of a better place to give the NZIFF a home in Christchurch than the historic Theatre Royal. This is a wonderful opportunity to add something special to the new Christchurch.” – Peter Young, Director, The Last Ocean

“The proposal for the Isaac Theatre Royal to be upgraded and made available as a dedicated Festival venue really warms my heart – both as a filmmaker and a film lover.” – Gillian Ashurst, Director, Snakeskin