First two international films revealed

Documentaries dominate these first announcements, but we had to throw Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color into the mix after we were tweet-ambushed into letting the word out last week. I’ve had the good fortune to experience it on the big screen and to hear its superbly crafted soundtrack amplified accordingly. As they used to say, and as the title kind of promises, it’s a trip.

Dirty Wars

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill has produced this explosive documentary with director Rick Rowley about the secret ‘wars’ of the US’s Joint Special Operations unit. Scahill’s book of the same title is being released this week. This Saturday morning, tune in to RNZ's Kim Hill interviewing Scahill about both his film and his book

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Upstream Color

The year’s most tantalising cinematic whatsit comes nine years after writer, director, musician, editor, producer and star Shane Carruth first amazed audiences with his no-budget time-travel riddle Primer. The narrative, which defies detailed synopsis, concerns the uncanny merging of two lost souls, strangers, both utterly contemporary urban figures.

“A vision as vast and as natural as it is reflexively cinematic and fiercely compassionate.” — Richard Brody, New Yorker

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