Love Exposure

Ai no mukidashi

“One of the most amazing cinematic achievements of the year... this movie will cleanse you of your sins and leave you horny as hell.” — NY Asian Film Festival
Director: Sono Sion
Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Running time: 237 mins

Producers: Yokohama Toyoyuki, Kawai Shinya
Screenplay: Sono Sion
Photography: Tanigawa Sohei
Editor: Ito Junichi
Production designer: Matsuzuka Takashi
Sound: Eguchi Yasushi, Komiya Hajime
Music: Harada Tomohide
In Japanese with English subtitles
DVCam/R18 graphic violence, content that may disturb

With: Nishijima Takahiro (Yu), Mitsushima Hikari (Yoko), Ando Sakura (Koike), Watanabe Makiko (Kaori), Watabe Atsuro (Tetsu)

Festivals: Berlin 2009

A dazzling, demented epic filled beyond bursting point with Catholic guilt, kick-ass kung fu schoolgirls, a loony cult led by a teenage girl with a green budgie - and what has to be the most upskirt panty shots in history. Of course Incredibly Strange couldn't resist. Yu is the traumatised son of a widower-turned-Catholic priest who admonishes his son to confess so many sins that the 17-year-old takes up new ones to gratify his father's religious zeal. His sin of surreptitiously photographing up the skirts of unsuspecting women turns out to be a profitable sideline, but his deal with a porn company comes undone when he falls in love with the feisty Yoko.

“Religion, family and sexual mores are satirically skewered and slowly roasted... Evoking an unhinged Ken Russell on a sushi binge, [director] Sion Sono confirms his reputation for excess (Suicide Club) with this delirious, hypnotic, four-hour marathon.” — Russell Edwards, Variety

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