Land of My Ancestors

Director: Lala Rolls
Year: 2007
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 78 mins
New Zealand
Editor: Lala Rolls
Producers: Lala Rolls, David Sa'ena
Associate producer: Lee Sycamore
Tikanga Maori: Nuki Takao
Photography: David Paul
Sound recordist: Chris Hiles
Sound editor: Polly McKinnon
Sound mixer: John Boswell
World Premiere
This documentary portrait of Maori artist Darcy Nicholas gives us a glimpse into a very ordinary, yet extraordinary life. His work is held in public collections in New Zealand, Britain and Germany and he has exhibited widely over a long career. Born into a large family in the tightly knit Maori community of Waitara, his story is inseparably woven into his mountain, Taranaki, his family, his ancestors, his art and into the lives of other indigenous artists and friends. Lala Rolls’ gentle and moving documentary traces his inspiration from the times and politics of Parihaka through to his links with Native American artists, forged in his role as General Manager of the Pataka Museum in Porirua. Land of My Ancestors was produced for Maori Television and a special extended cut has been prepared for these Film Festival screenings. “My paintings are about identity, the ancestral lines that connect me with the universe. I want to paint the spiritual richness that speaks of the timeless culture that I know. I hope we never lose the multiplicity of our heritage.” — Darcy Nicholas

Lala Rolls will be attending all screenings.