Waiting for Sancho

“A ‘making-of’ documentary that occupies the same contemplative philosophical space as its parent film.” — AL
Director: Mark Peranson
Year: 2008
Country: Canada
Running time: 105 mins
Producer/Photography/Editor: Mark Peranson
Sound: Mark Benoit
In Catalan, English, Spanish and Hebrew, with English subtitles
Colour and B&W/DigiBeta

With: Albert Serra, Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat Batlle, Lluís Serrat Masanellas, Montse Triola

Festivals: Vancouver 2008; Rotterdam 2009

Waiting for Sancho is a kind of experimental ‘Making of Birdsong’ filmed in high-definition colour over five days in the Canary Islands. Improvised from a 30-page outline, Birdsong saw the crew traverse scorching desert, climb the highest mountain in Spain, and hike across wind-scraped, rocky plains. Permitted to shoot anything as long as he didn’t step in front of the camera, film’s Joseph, critic Mark Peranson, is entranced and amused by the interplay between the nonprofessional actors, the crew, and Serra himself, who seems to make the film grow around him, like a family outing to be documented. (The three kings here seem completely continuous with their Birdsong selves.) Peranson’s film is both a simpatico account and a graceful reflection of the organics of Serra’s unique and surprising practice. — BG

“Peranson manages to capture a sense of that often sought-after and usually elusive phenomenon, creativity.” — John Anderson, Variety


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