Homegrown: Works on Video

Director: Various
Year: 2006
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 75 mins

M adult themes, offensive language
With the availability of high definition camera technology, shooting on digital video is no longer simply the cheap option but often the most artistically preferred. There were over 150 submissions to this year’s video programme, which is a testament both to the popularity of the medium and the difficulty of reaching final selection. After four years of strong documentary and dance films, this year’s submissions were dominated by drama, which has resulted in two video programmes. Works on Video offers an exciting blend of action, animation and comedy with a distinctly offbeat sensibility.

Sunshine Man
NZ 2006. Director/Producer: Peter Tonks Screenplay: Jason George. Imagination Films/Origin One Films. 5 mins
Peter Tonks is a Wellington-based location manager. In his first film, Sunshine Man, a desperate salesman finally finds the customer of his dreams.

The Knock
NZ 2006. Director: Miles Murphy Screenplay: Nick Ward Producer: Simon Ranginui. Silverscreen. 12 mins
Son of director Geoff Murphy, Miles recently made the move from technical crew to directing. In his first film, a knock on the door draws a young man into a twisted Freudian nightmare from which there is no escape.

Ninety Percent
NZ 2006. Directors/Screenplay: Adam Luxton, Jeremy Dumble Producer: Camillo Spath. Excalibur/Blondini Films. 10 mins
Adam Luxton and Jeremy Dumble write and direct documentaries, shorts and TV commercials. In Ninety Percent, a diverse cast of characters stumble through their day with appealing nonchalance.

Life After Death
NZ 2006. Director/Screenplay: Guy Capper, Jemaine Clement Animator: Guy Capper Producer: Vicky Pope. POP Films. 3 mins
Life After Death is the third in The Pen series of shorts by Guy Capper and Jemaine Clement. Both stand?up comedians, they improvise their roles, which Guy later animates. In this episode, Sheepy and Robert get philosophical.

The Customer Is Always Trite
NZ 2006. Director: Greydon Little Screenplay: Sunil Narshai Producer: Roseanne Liang. 5 mins
Greydon Little is currently finishing an MA in directing.
Here he explores the absurdity of the supermarket checkout counter.

NZ 2006. Director/Producer: Sam Kelly. Screenplay: Sam Kelly, Chris Gilman. 14 mins
Sam Kelly has been making films since he was 11. He is currently writing his first feature. In Frames, a father and son discover the hard way that you can choose your friends but you’re stuck with family.

The Paselode Story
NZ 2005. Directors/Screenplay/Animators: Phill Simmonds, Jeff Simmonds. 8 mins
The Simmonds brothers live in Paekakariki and specialise in documation – animated documentary using real voices. The Paselode Story is a rock documation.

Oh Deer
NZ 2005. Director/Screenplay/Animator: Chungmin Moon. Music: Junjayang. 6 mins
Chungmin Moon is a Korean-born animator and a graduate of Elam Art School. Oh Deer is a gorgeous digital fairytale set to ethereal electronic music.

NZ 2006. Director/Choreographer: Daniel Belton. Producer: Jacdaniel. Good Company Arts. 12 mins
Renowned choreographer and filmmaker Daniel Belton pushes boundaries and works across art forms. A couple dances their way through a surreal contest in Reset.

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