Tan de repente

Director: Diego Lerman
Year: 2002
Country: Argentina
Running time: 94 mins
Production co: Lita Stantic Producciones/Nylon Cine
Producers: Lita Stantic, Diego Lerman
Screenplay: Diego Lerman, María Meria
Inspired by a short story by César Aira
Photography: Luciano Zito, Diego del Piano
Editors: Benjamín Avila, Alberto Ponce
Production designers: Mauro Doporto, Luciana Kohn
Sound: Leandro de Loredo, Julián Caparros
Music: Juan Ignacio Bouscayrol

In Spanish with English subtitles

Marcia: Tatiana Saphir
Mao: Carla Crespo
Lenin: Verónica Hassan
Blanca: Beatriz Thibaudín
Delia: María Merlino
Felipe: Marcos Ferrante

Festivals: Locarno, Toronto, London 2002; Rotterdam 2003
“Further proof of the astonishing range and vigour of the current Argentine cinema is offered by Suddenly, a captivating, simple yet subtle road movie about a lonely shop girl whose world is transformed when she is abducted by two punk lesbians. This bittersweet, femme-oriented comedy has immediate appeal to younger indie and gay audiences as well as to aficionados of Latin American film, but it also transcends its tiny budget and niche subject… Suddenly continually invites the viewer to reassess rich and complex characters whose destinies unfold with the unpredictability of real life. The deadpan, comic-melancholy tone and shimmering black-and-white photography are redolent of Jim Jarmusch’s early work and the film ends on a gently upbeat note while avoiding any trace of glib sentimental uplift.” — Sheila Johnston, Screendaily.

“Outrageous, funny and hip… Suddenly, by 26-year-old Diego Lerman, starts scary, moves through deadpan comic and comes out with a whimsical tenderness for its characters that audiences will share.” — Deborah Young, Variety

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