Homegrown: Programme 3

This selection brings you a fast-fire combination of 13 highly adventurous and thoughtful approaches to drama, animation and experimental film. From the melancholic to the deliciously satirical, this year‘s programme embodies the extraordinarily beautiful, poignant and often absurdly funny travails of human and alien conditions.

NZ 2008. Director: Craig Gladding. 4 mins/DigiBeta

A young girl walks the borderline between the real and surreal into a dangerous world of gods and creatures.

The Birth of BrainFly
NZ 2008. Director/Animator: Nandita Kumar. 6 mins

A journey through and into Self, the constructed labyrinths of Ego, and the creative transcendence of the mind‘s physical limitations.

Lively, Lovely (and the rest)
NZ 2007. Director/Producer: Eve Gordon. 3 mins

This very entertaining animation recalls a turn-of-the-century peep show.

NZ 2007 Director: Paul Scott-James Producer: Kahra Scott-James. 1 min

A man turned workstation automaton struggles against the nine-to-five gambit of slow grinding time and system failures.

NZ 2007. Director: Dione Chard Producers: Cathrine Gjerde, Dione Chard. 10 mins/DigiBeta

An unsettling drama set amongst industrial ruins as a lone night watchman is pursued by a mysterious presence.

Unorthodox My Balance Sheet

NZ 2007. Director/Producer/Screenplay:  Sally Tran. 8 mins

An atypical caricature of typical workplace ecology, where the only way out is through the paper shredder and even the lunch room is a hazard.

NZ 2007. Director/Producer: David Collins. 6 mins

Bulb follows one man‘s attempt to adjust to an ever-shifting environment where the simple twist of a bulb can have unexpected results.

If You Were Alien
NZ 2008. Director: Chungmin Moon. 4 mins

A sweet, light-hearted animation that flies from the pages of a pre-war storybook. The Brunettes fly through the universe in an undersized rocket, passing ice cream clouds, giant cats and Ferris wheels.

New Educational Series - Canaries In Colour
NZ 2007. Director/Producer: Jill Kennedy. 3 mins

A delightful pastiche of images overlaid with a soundtrack of futuristic birdcalls. The  pages flit and flutter like birds. Not just for bird lovers.

NZ 2007. Director: Dawn Tuffery. 6 mins

In a faraway fantasy landscape one small creature searches for a place to swing as buildings replace trees and cityscapes replace forests.

NZ 2008. Director: Dane Jacobs Producer: Dane Jacobs, Jeremy Hay. 4 mins

Spirited away on the thread of a tune, a young girl finds friendship and hope in a mysterious young man on the moon.

Night Drive
NZ 2008. Director: Paul Wedel Producers: Will Moore, Paul Wedel. 4 mins

This improvised combination of images and soundtrack follows a night-time journey of two men in a car through dark streets.

NZ 2008. Director/Producer: Jason Howden. 17 mins

Told through a combination of live action and two-dimensional illustration, Veil beautifully allegorises the choice between certain brutal truths and ignorance.