Homegrown: Quirky Stories

Year: 2010
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 83 mins
Censor Rating: M - violence, horror, content that may disturb
A spicy mix of funny and imaginative stories that span animation, documentary and experimental genres.


Empty Swan Song

NZ 2010. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Jack Woon. 5 mins

Cultures and musical genres collide, collapse and rebuild as a young classical pianist ‘converts' the audience at a teenage talent quest.


Rock Paper Scissors

NZ 2010. Director/Producer/Screenplay/Animation: Mardo El-Noor. 9 mins

Mardo El-Noor is back after 2009's In the Name of Art. In Rock Paper Scissors the protagonists debate nature, nurture and conspiracy in surreal dimension.


Fruitless Journey

NZ 2009. Director/Producer: Jodie Stack Screenplay: Jeremy Herbert. 12 mins

The legendary Antarctic expedition of Robert Falcon Scott told from the point of view of a banana. Look out for the Fruitopian Separatist Movement!


Tentacles of Dimensions

NZ/USA 2009. Director: Nandita Kumar. 14 mins

The story of a brain that departs from its programming to purely indulge the senses. A trippy, animated journey.


The Witch & the Woodsman

NZ 2010. Director: Daniel Story Producers: Daniel Story, Sam Kelly. 15 mins

A girl is rescued from an evil tree by a passing woodsman, angering the wicked witch. A classic fairy tale - Kiwi style.



NZ 2010. Director/Producer: Steven Chow Screenplay: Renee Liang. 10 mins

A woman returning from an overseas volunteer posting takes the ferry home to her mother. A bittersweet tale of love, family and global warming.


Eat Your Cake; I'm a Vietnamese Refugee

NZ 2010. Director/Producer: Sally Tran. 10 mins

Based on the true story of Mitchell Pham, this stop-frame animation moves from a Vietnamese prison camp to a new home in New Zealand.


Nell the Narcoleptic

NZ 2010. Directors/Producers: Belle Barber, Linden Kirkby. 2 mins

A morning in the life of Nell, an ordinary girl who nods off at extraordinary times. Driving and narcolepsy do mix... in this 3D animation.


Michael and His Dragon

NZ/USA 2010. Director/Producer: Briar March. 6 mins

A sobering insight into post-traumatic stress disorder from the perspective of Michael Ergo, an Iraq War veteran. Black and white documentary.