Daytime Drinking


“One of the most charming and successful low-budget films of the last year is the Korean Daytime Drinking.” — Gerwin Tamsma, Rotterdam Film Festival
Director: Noh Young-seok
Year: 2008
Country: Korea
Running time: 116 mins

Producer/Screenplay/Photography/Editor: Noh Young-seok
In Korean with English subtitles
DigiBeta/M adult themes

With: Song Sam-dong (Hyuk-jin), Yuk Sang-yeop (Ki-sang), Kim Kang-hee (girl next door)

Festivals: Locarno, Toronto 2008; Rotterdam, SXSW 2009

Hyuk-jin's buddies don't think much of his pining over a girlfriend. In fact, he's a killjoy, ruining the mood and resisting their efforts to cheer him up. Drinks downed, a pact is made: they're going for a boys' outing to a resort on the coast. Hyuk-jin reluctantly agrees, only to find himself alone at the bus station the following morning. Everyone else got too drunk to remember. Hyuk-jin nevertheless decides to continue his journey to the resort, little aware of the odyssey that awaits, involving enchanting or crazy girls, near-naked hitchhiking in freezing weather, dodgy companions and the constant invitation to fill a glass right up, because ‘it's so annoying to pour often’. A veritable balm for the heart. This offbeat ode to recuperation heralds a multi-talented newcomer: Noh Young-seok. He carried out virtually every task, even decorating the sets. His distinctive debut winningly mixes romanticism, deadpan humour and lots of soju (the notorious Korean rice wine). — SR

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