The Red Balloon

Le Ballon rouge

Restored prints of two of the world’s most famous and honoured films for children.
Year: 1956
Country: France
Running time: 38 mins

Screenplay: Albert Lamorisse
Photography: Edmond Séchan
Editor: Pierre Gillette
Music: Maurice Le Roux
In French with English subtitles
PG some scenes may scare very young children

With: Pascal Lamorisse

"If you're of a certain age, chances are one of your seminal childhood moviegoing experiences was Albert Lamorisse's lovely The Red Balloon about a Parisian boy's friendship with a red balloon so iridescent that I incorrectly remembered the rest of the film as black-and-white. Now you can take your kids and/or yourself to see a gorgeously restored new print... released with Lamorisse's 1953 White Mane, an exquisite story of a similarly angelic lad and his horse-pal resisting capture on the shallow white plains of the Camargue. For all the seraphic beauty of the boys, neither movie resorts more than briefly to cuteness; both are escape fantasies that pay homage to the inventiveness of children." — Ella Taylor, Village Voice.

"The stories are simple, fablelike; the heroes are boys; the subject in each case is the purity and power of a child's imagination; and the tone of both films is that of open-mouthed wonder." — Terence Rafferty, NY Times