Year: 2010
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 40 mins
Censor Rating: PG - cert

Directors/Producers/Screenplay/Editors: Jessica Sanderson, Rowan Pierce, Ian Hammond, Richard Larsen
Photography: Matt Henley, Laura Honey, Richard Larsen, Rowan Pierce
Sound: Computer Blu, George Duncan, Richard Larsen, Rowan Pierce
Music: Hamish Lang, Seth Frightening

With: Aroha White, Steve Tohu Carter, Thomas Alfred Bradley, Beverley Cowdrey, Kate Hammond, Ted Northcott, Murray Robinson, Quintin Johnson

World Premiere

A compendium of abstract, dream-like short films that capture diversity in Kiwi experience and challenge familiar concepts of national identity, Quarters is a four-part collaboration amongst four directors who all come from a background of live performance design as students at Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School. Jessica Sanderson’s Our House reanimates the latent memories of a family home that is being left for the last time. Rowan Pierce’s Bethankit focuses on the traditions and rituals of Scottish culture: through distance and time these practices take on arcane, even surreal, qualities. The Depth of Place by Ian Hammond unearths faintly grasped images of childhood, while memories of a distant past become tangible in Richard Larsen’s On the Shore of a Frozen Sea. Also screening on this programme is Alyx Duncan’s Appetite, which reimagines the mythic creation of New Zealand in a bustling sushi bar. — MM