In the City of Sylvia

En la ciudad de Sylvia

Year: 2007
Country: Spain
Running time: 85 mins
Screenplay: José Luis Guerin
Photography: Natasha Braier
Editor: Núria Esquerra
In French with English subtitles
PG cert

With: Pilar López de Ayala, Xavier Lafitte

Festivals: Venice, Toronto, New York, Vancouver 2007; Rotterdam 2008

Elegant, sensual and light as air, this film teases the purest movie pleasure out of the mix of curiosity, desire and invisibility you might feel as a traveller in a foreign town simply gazing at beautiful strangers as they go about their unknowable business. Superbly shot, edited and soundscaped, Sylvia celebrates the romantic, voyeuristic allure of the medium at its most exultingly rarefied. — BG.

"A young man sits in a café, sketching the women around him. He consults a notebook filled with reminiscences of four years prior, when at the same café he met a woman named Sylvia. His eyes flit about as he soaks up the atmosphere, and then, suddenly, he thinks he's found her. And follows her... The unnamed city is Strasbourg, with its trams, riversides and cobblestone streets echoing with the sounds of walking. But we could be in any European city, and 'Sylvia' could be anyone in this universal film." — Vancouver Film Festival