Digital Panorama

Year: 2007
Running time: 74 mins

M violence, content may disturb
The desire to create intense mood and atmosphere seems to be spreading through the digital animation realm at present. Whether it is depictions of dark internal worlds or sweeping panoramas that fall over the edge of the horizon, much of this digital mise en scène might be described as an intriguing blend of homage to classic cinema and cutting edge game architecture. Our selection provides a fascinating insight into this rapidly evolving area of creative expression. - MT


Samsa - Homage to Franz Kafka
René Lange, Germany 2008, 4 mins

An absorbing, meticulously detailed deconstruction of the great man. Perfectly paced with whiffs of the surreal, unanswerable questions.

Sleep or Not to Sleep
Rait Siska, Switzerland 2006, 3 mins

The human farm stretches as far as the eye can see. A giant room, a hive of activity, a mosh-office of the future.

Josie's Lalaland
EB Hu, UK 2007, 4 mins

Josie decides that life is for the living, even when there isn't much life left.

Camera Obscura
M. Buchalski, J.-M. Drechsler, T. Onillon, France 2007, 7 mins

If Dali had been given a computer, this is what he might have created.

Jan van Nuenen, The Netherlands 2007, 11 mins

A frenetic journey through an elaborate digital jigsaw leads to an undersea domain teeming with deep green life.

Jean-Julien Pous, Pierre Prinzbach, France 2007, 6 mins

The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line. Everybody knows that - that's why everybody is running that same ol' straight line.

Omid Khoshnazar, Iran 2007, 9 mins

From the maker of Zero Degree. A soldier is trapped within borders he cannot readily identify, dangers he can only react to, and a reality he cannot control or run from.

Ben Hibon, UK 2006, 9 mins

In a city turned war zone, four heroes join forces to battle the gangs, monsters and tyrants that rule the streets.

Blind Man's Eye
Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Ireland 2007, 6 mins

Behind eyes that cannot look out there exists a mind in which the richest imaginable vision soars, cascades and dances for its master.

The Passenger
Chris Jones, Australia 2006, 7 mins

A stunning technical achievement. Public transport isn't without its dangers... but giant salivating fish?

Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Poland 2007, 8 mins

One man leads a vast floating exodus in search of a new start after a mystery virus wreaks havoc on mankind.