Good Times: The Movie

Good Times is historic proof of how a racially torn London was united in music.” — Sam Pow, Time Out
Director: Terry Walshe
Year: 2002
Country: UK
Running time: 83 mins
Photography: Pete Bathurst
Editor: Richard Colton
Music: Norman Jay

With: Norman Jay, Jazzie B, Joey Jay, Trevor Nelson, Terry Farley, Judge Jules
“Sound system culture – especially the DJ – has nuzzled its way right into the heart of the mainstream. And no crew has crossed over further than Good Times, that catch-all title for Norman and Joey Jay’s flagship soundsystem, compilation series and annual Notting Hill Carnival event. Now comes Good Times, the film: shot and collated by west London filmmaker Terry Walshe, it’s an attempt to transfer Norman Jay’s story onto celluloid… The film weaves footage from his original 80s warehouse parties Shake’n’Fingerpop, pirate-era Kiss FM (which Jay helped set up) and early Notting Hill Carnivals around talking-head interviews with Trevor Nelson, Terry Farley and Judge Jules… Jay has only one thing on his mind. ‘I’m reminding people that partying is simply about enjoying yourself, and that all musical styles can live side by side. Basically, I’m just a party head.’ Don’t slash the seats: this film’s got zap.” — EW, The Face

Preceded by Mix That Scratch (Veronica VaeVae NZ/1994/Beta-SP/2 mins). Cook Island patterns to the rhythms of DJ Fast Eddie.

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