Shorts with Features in Auckland

Director: Various
Running time: 100 mins


New Zealand 2011. Director: Richard Mans. 4 mins/35mm

A strange machine lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation that has profound implications for an entire galaxy. Screening with Sound of My Voice


New Zealand 2012. Director: Daniel Belton. 21 mins/DigiBeta

Our robot friend Ato-Mick returns to save the world from losing all its colour and introduces a new playmate: Ato-Miss. Screening with Grandma Lo-fi.


Australia 2011. Director: Nash Edgerton. 11 mins/DCP

Jack means well, but sometimes good intentions can have unintended consequences. Screening with Sightseers.

Do You Really Love Me?

New Zealand/UK/France 2011. Director: Alastair Cole. 11 mins/HDCAM

How many ways can you say ‘I love you’? Find out with this romantic multilingual documentary. Screening with Bonsái.

Hitch Hike

New Zealand 2012. Director: Matthew Saville. 12 mins/HDCAM

A hitchhiking teenager determined to find his birth mother finds solace from an unexpected source. Screening with Killer Joe.

In Safe Hands

New Zealand 2011. Director: Jackie Van Beek. 11 mins/HDCAM

A teenage girl is entrusted to return a very special item to her family for her grandmother’s funeral. Screening with Shock Head Soul.


New Zealand 2012. Director: Vincent Ward. 5 mins/HDCAM

Haiku video work developed from two video art exhibitions by Vincent Ward, INHALE and EXHALE, in two Auckland art galleries. Screening with The Wall.


New Zealand 2012. Director: Sam Kelly. 15 mins/35mm

Jimmy faces a tough decision – stay home to protect his younger siblings, or escape to a new life. Screening with Monsieur Lazhar (No Bridgeway screening).

Long Distance Information

UK 2011. Director: Douglas Hart. 8 mins/HDCAM

From a lonely London flat Alex decides to make a Christmas Day phone call to his parents in Scotland. Screening with Dreams of a Life.

Night Shift

New Zealand 2012. Director: Zia Mandviwalla. 14 mins/35mm

Amidst the arrivals and departures, an airport cleaner starts another long night shift. Screening with Where Do We Go Now? (No Bridgeway screening).


New Zealand 2012. Director: Michael Hobbs. 14 mins/Blu-ray

A poetic documentary about a blind man whose craft transcends his perceived disabilities. Screening with Planet of Snail.

Smoke Songs

USA 2011. Director: Briar March. 20 mins/HDCAM

Meet Blackfire: a Native American punk rock band with a message. Screening with Neil Young Journeys.


New Zealand 2012. Director: Thomas G. Murphy. 6 mins/DCP

This animation introduces a brood of underwater beasties, including the put-upon runt of the litter: Snap. Screening with A Monster in Paris.

Street Vendor Cinema

Cine camelo, Brazil 2011. Director: Clarissa Knoll. 16 mins/HDCAM

On the bustling streets of Sao Paulo you can become the star of your own movie. Screening with Songs.

Suni Man

New Zealand 2012. Director: Hamish Mortland. 19 mins/HDCAM

A young Samoan man must choose between his family and the delinquent influence of his cousin. Screening with My Brother the Devil.


Canada 2011. Director: Yan Giroux. 17 mins/HDCAM

A teenager takes a job as a warden in a city park, but soon finds himself out of his depth. Screening with The Lifeguard.

Ten Thousand Days

New Zealand 2012. Director: Michael Duignan. 17 mins/HDCAM

A young man is convinced that he will die on his 10,000th day, but things don’t go exactly to plan. Screening with Wish You Were Here.

This Fine Island

New Zealand 2012. Director: Gavin Hipkins. 12 mins/DigiBeta

A meditation on postcolonial New Zealand that recalls Charles Darwin’s visit to the Bay of Islands in the 1830s. Screening with Persuading the Baby to Float.

Two Princes

New Zealand 2012. Director: Yamin Tun. 15 mins/Blu-ray

Following the death of a beloved wife and mother, a father struggles to connect with his preoccupied sons. Screening with In My Mother’s Arms.

Wild Lilly

Uitgekraakt, The Netherlands 2011. Director: Sanne Rovers. 16 mins/HDCAM

Nine-year-old Lily has to leave the wooded squatters’ camp she calls home and move into a terraced house with her family. Screening with Nana.