The Sky Crawlers

Sukai kurora

“Adjusting his visuals to linear, accessible storytelling, Oshii has brought to life a mesmerizing adaptation of Mori Hiroshi's novel The Sky Crawlers.” — Giovanna Fulvi, Toronto Film Festival
Director: Mamoru Oshii
Year: 2008
Country: Japan
Running time: 119 mins

Producer: Ishii Tomohiko
Screenplay: Ito Chihiro. Based on the novel by Mori Hiroshi
Editor: Uematsu Junichi
Animation director: Nishikubo Toshihiko
Art director: Nagai Kazuo
Sound: Wakabayashi Kazuhiro
Music: Kawai Kenji
In Japanese and English, with English subtitles
M medium level violence

Voices: Kikuchi Rinko (Kusanagi Suito), Kase Ryo (Kannami Yuichi), Kuriyama Chiaki (Mitsuya Midori), Tanihara Shosuke (Tokino Naofumi)

Festivals: Venice, Toronto, Pusan 2008

Anime master Oshii Mamoru (Ghost in the Shell) returns with his patented blend of viscerally thrilling aerial action and future-gazing philosophical rumination. The Sky Crawlers is, by Oshii's standards, a relatively straight-ahead adaptation of Mori Hiroshi's sci-fi novel about a group of genetically modified eternally-young fighter aces in a world where war has become a company-sponsored reality game that never ends. — BG

“We begin in a near future alternate world that fuses noir sensibilities with World War II inspired retro-future designs... The style is distinctly noir, all muted emotions and hidden agendas... Sky Crawlers is not only a stunning technical achievement but also layered with meanings, obsessed with questions of identity, torn between a love and fear of technology, and operates in a dreamy haze... a classic example of intelligent, geared-to-adults animation. Very much recommended.” — Todd Brown, Twitch

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