Homegrown: Programme 2

M offensive language, content may disturb

With works that are characterised by a strong spirit of innovation and skilful irreverence, this year‘s second programme demonstrates a keen eye for drama, pathos and black humour. From the dark and delightfully tragicomic to the achingly poignant, this line-up of maverick films explores the murky side of human nature whilst demonstrating a quiet faith in compassion and even whimsy.

NZ/Australia/India 2007. Director: Mark Lapwood Producers: Mark Lapwood, Jamie Hilton. Festivals: Tribeca 2008. AFI Award Outstanding Achievement Short Film Craft (cinematography), 2007. 10 mins

Eclipse is a poetic ode to the brutal realities of an impoverished people on the streets of India‘s economic capital, Mumbai.

The Moth
NZ 2007. Director/Producer: Campbell Farquhar. 4 mins

A Kafkaesque tale of sleeplessness told through animation, dance and painted light.

The Graffiti of Mr Tupaia
NZ 2007. Director: Christopher Dudman Producer: Vicky Pope Screenplay: Paul Stanley Ward. 15 mins

A deeply moving testament to the ability of two unlikely characters to communicate and connect across a wide socio-cultural divide.

Aphrodite‘s Farm
NZ 2008. Director: Adam Strange Screenplay: Peter Force, Adam Strange Producer: Anzak Tindall. 15 mins

Blood may be thicker than water, but what about milk? Aphrodite‘s Farm is an unabashedly upbeat and jaunty pagan fable set against a lush rural 1930‘s landscape. Down on Aphrodite‘s farm, death and young love threaten to unravel a long held family secret, whilst bringing destiny full circle.

NZ 2008. Director/Screenplay: Jochen Fitzherbert Producers: Zane Holmes, Ashley Stuart Coupland. 11 mins

A gravity-defying love story. A stranger pursues a woman and in her attempt to escape him, she accidentally knocks herself out. After awakening, she finds that in every way, her world is upside down.  

Eel Girl
NZ 2007. Director: Paul Campion Producers: Jenn Scheer, Elisabeth Pinto. 5 mins

This sexually charged sci-fi drama comes straight out of the nightmares of Mary Shelley and explores the monster/master dichotomy. A beautiful take on genetic modification versus the creation of life straight from the primordial swamp.

Ronnie Grimble
NZ 2008. Director/Producer/Screenplay: Elliott McKee. 14 mins/DigiBeta

In 2004 Elliot was announced Top Scholar for Drama in the NZ Scholarship Awards. This is his first short film: a sumptuous and warm tragicomedy about a lonely man‘s unusual scheme to seek out company.