Gerard Smyth

GERARD SMYTH lives in Christchurch where he has been working in various capacities on documentary production for over 30 years. He is a second generation meddler in film - his family before him worked as television directors, actors and media commentators. 

In 1985 in Ethiopia, he filmed an aid response to the North African famine One Day for Africa. In 1995 he won the London Based CEVMA Best Documentary Award for Sonya Talking, his tale about the last days of a young woman with cancer. He spent a year documenting the lives of the residents of a home for the intellectually disabled, which resulted in Out of Sight and screened in our Festivals in 1997.

A common thread in Gerard's work is the life of the outsider. Barefoot Cinema wanders down the same road.

Films we have screened by this Director