Tony Hiles

TONY HILES made his first film in 1966 (during USA President L.B. Johnson's visit to New Zealand). It was seven minutes long and broadcast on television. Between then and 1969, he worked in and out of television, briefly in advertising, and mostly at the commercial production house of Peach Wemyss, with studios in the Vogue cinema that is now the Penthouse in Brooklyn. He returned to the NZBC in 1970 as a producer/director, worked at Avalon in the TV-One days and left in 1979 when the graffiti suggested the bottom was going to fall out of local television production. In 1980 he and his partner Judith Fyfe set up City Associates, to make, write, publish, create or distribute anything that took their fancy. Tony then began to focus on social documentaries, plus feature film production, experimental interactive digital media, software development, and anything that came his way in the line of film-making. He also has a detective novel in the works, which he plans to get back to as soon as Antonello and the Architect is out for the world to see.

Films we have screened by this Director