Mutual Appreciation

Director: Andrew Bujalski
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 110 mins
Screenplay/Editor: Andrew Bujalski
Photography: Matthias Grunsky
Music: Justin Rice & Kevin Micka, Bishop Allen, Omzo, Matty & Mossy, The Common Cold, Brandon Patton
M drug use, offensive language

With: Justin Rice, Rachel Clift, Andrew Bujalski, Seung-Min Lee, Kevin Micka, Bill Morrison, Kate Dollenmayer

Festivals: SXSW, Vancouver 2005; Rotterdam 2006
Andrew Bujalski’s funny and perceptive observation of an incipient ménage à trois is set on the fringes of the indie-pop world in hipster Brooklyn. Alan, an aspiring alt-rocker, arrives in town, and tries to stay focused on finding a drummer, but succumbs to numerous distractions, including his good friend’s girlfriend. The scene is set for a deadpan comedy of pregnant pauses, wordy uncertainty and chronic non-commitment. Working with a script tailored to a non-professional cast of friends, Bujalski applies the methods of Mike Leigh and John Cassavetes to skewer the exquisite self-consciousness of a new generation. “Mutual Appreciation nails the walk and talk of twentysomething iPeople like nothing else. [This movie] get[s] so deep in the heads of [its] shy, vigilant, sweet-natured protagonists that every passive-aggressive blip and conversational tic registers onscreen with beyond-doc authenticity… No one can match his knack for the rhythms, inflections, and syntactic hiccups of everyday speech – the mumbled, fumbled ABC’s of Gens X, Y, and Z.” — Nathan Lee, Slate