Animation Now 2012

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Director: Various
Year: 2011
Running time: 86 mins
Censor Rating: R13 - content that may disturb
Genres: Animation

86 mins approx./Censors rating tbc

Our annual opportunity for short animations to come out and play. This year’s programme delivers a bounty of diversity. We showcase the creative possibilities of what animation can do in the hands of artists who let their imaginations roam freer and on a longer lead than the rest of us. In the parallel universes that these artists patrol, absolutely anything and everything is possible. Rules of physics, logic and narrative do not – or at least, need not – apply. Let the ideas twist, turn, merge and morph; redraw and recreate any new reality that comes to mind. Phones to silent please, lights down, you are about to enjoy one of the most beguiling rides a cinema can offer. — MT


Joni Männistö/Finland 2011/7 mins

An insect universe scuttles forth from the insides of a dead bird – much to the delight and wonder of the child who discovers it.


Luke Sault/UK 2011/3 mins

The experiences, musings and utterings of a suffering schizophrenic.

Yonalure: Moment to Moment

Nakata Ayaka, Sakitani Yuki/Japan 2011/8 mins

Pure animation magic! A tour of arcs and soaring glides that ever ebb and rise through a village as it attempts to separate from the moon.

Many Go Round

Nakanishi Yoshihisa/Japan 2011/6 mins

A certified can’t-believe-my-eyes piece of animation made of ingeniously cut paper silhouettes formed into a kind of phenakistoscope.

En parties

Hugo Bravo/France 2011/4 mins

Modern deco blended with cubism.


Julia Pott/UK 2011/7 mins

A self-reflecting look at the awkward age of nine.


Thibault Chollet/France 2011/3 mins

An extravaganza of reconstruction starting with ships awash in the deep blue and ending in a solitary exit.


Stephen Irwin/UK 2011/6 mins

A sad face, a dead bear, a subdued detective and a ‘lemon enema’.


Alessandro Bavari/Italy 2010/8 mins

A hyper-speed recreation of amoebic chaos fuelled by inspiration drawn from the sickly madness and pain of Bosch and Bruegel. Definitely intended for big screens.

Mulvar Is Correct Candidate

Patrick Désilets/Canada 2011/1 min

Promises, promises. Mulvar make precious fuel come from eyes! Vote Mulvar!


Pawel Debski/Poland 2011/15 mins

On the shore of a great ocean, surrounded by foreboding cliffs, live a boy and a lumberjack, drawn towards the stormiest of horizons.


Richard Mans/New Zealand 2011/4 mins

A spectacle. In this breathtaking science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation.

Wild Life

Wendy Tilby, Amanda Forbis/Canada 2011/14 mins

Alberta, 1909. The wide, open prairies of the wild west. Enter a well-tailored young Englishman, fresh from the ‘old country’.

NZIFF STAFF PICK: Natalie Gilberd