Revolución casts a colourful eye on a country bursting with social contradictions and bold cinematic talent.” — Los Angeles Film Festival
Director: Various
Year: 2010
Country: Mexico
Running time: 100 mins
Censor Rating: M - violence, sexual references, offensive language

Directors: Fernando Eimbcke, Patricia Riggen, Gael García Bernal, Amat Escalante, Carlos Reygadas, Mariana Chenillo, Gerardo Naranjo, Rodrigo Plá, Diego Luna, Rodrigo García
Producer: Pablo Cruz
Screenplay: Fernando Eimbcke, Patricia Riggen, Jorge Riggen, Gael García Bernal, Amat Escalante, Carlos Reygadas, Mariana Chenillo, Gerardo Naranjo, Mauricio Katz, Laura Santullo, Carlos Lomas, Diego Luna, Gabriel Nuncio, Rodrigo García
In Spanish with English subtitles

With: Ansberto Flores López, José del Rosario, Adriana Barraza, Carmen Corral, Aldo Carpintero Bernal, Benny Emmanuel Mendoza Yirene, Cirilo Recio, Héctor Cortés Barrientos, Mónica Bejarano, Gerardo Trejo Luna, Noe Hernandez, Manuel Jimenez, Justo Martínez, Ignacio Guadalupe, Ari Brickman, Ángeles Cruz, Paul Cabrera, Antonio De Haro

Festivals: Berlin, Cannes (Critics’ Week) 2010

“A magnificent crash course in the who’s who of contemporary Mexican directors Revolución celebrates the centenary of the Mexican revolution in 10 short tales… All together they add up to a satisfying portrait of the spirit of the times. The revolution that overthrew the country’s dictatorial president resulted in violent upheaval and dramatic change. Directors like Fernando Eimbcke, however, opt for the quiet, uneventful side of life in depicting a small-town tuba player who practices and waits for a celebratory delegation that never arrives. This graceful episode contrasts with Carlos Reygadas’ wild, chaotic view of his countrymen as they celebrate with a noisy picnic full of nearly unobserved violence… Each episode was produced by a different film company with separate crews, offering viewers a panorama not only on directorial styles but on the range of production approaches in new Mexican cinema.” — Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter