Hand Painted Under Camera

Director: Various
Year: 2006
Running time: 69 mins
M violence, adult themes

‘Hand painted under camera' animation is a method which produces some of the most sublime animation you will ever experience. The true masters of this technique have recently released some stunning films. Hand painting thousands upon thousands of pieces of glass, hardboard or card is an extraodinarily painstaking way to create the 24 frames you need for every single second of film, but the results can often be described as akin to breathing an invisible life into a textured surface of oil paint. On the big screen, the sheer beauty of this work and the magnitude of the effort involved in creating it will be a highlight of the animation screenings this year.

Line Dance
Emily May, UK 2005, 3 mins
Enthusiastically infused with rich Latin flavours, Line Dance brings a special vibrancy to dark colours.

The Train
Goran Stojnic, Croatia 2006, 9 mins
The trajectory of a train and the ever-changing scenery from the carriage window fuse into an ebbing and flowing kaleidoscope.

Nancy Parczyk, USA 2006, 2 mins
A film that unashamedly revels in the very material that it is created in.

Destiny Manifesto
Martha Colburn, USA 2005, 9 mins
Taking a different tack, this piece of commentary uses rapidly hand-painted imagery to paint over photographs of bygone eras (and errors).

Urban Tale
Florence Miailehe, France 2006, 16 mins
Feel the force of every brush stroke, immerse yourself in a palette of an artist unafraid to cover the screen with big colours. Follow the wild cat on its stroll through an urban landscape.

Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland 2006, 4 mins
The latest masterpiece from a filmmaker whose sense of perspective and ability to roam through an ever twisting, turning mindscape is unparalleled.

My Love
Alexander Petrov, Russia 2006, 26 mins
From the master of oil paint on glass films comes this visual extravaganza of colour and style. Petrov's ability to use paints to create oceans, cloth, moving scenery and to engender a kind of ethereal movement into his characters is awe inspiring. A kind of modern Russian fairy tale is the simplest way to explain what may be the richest, most beautifully crafted oil painted film ever made.