New Zealand films in first NZIFF 2013 announcement

Three kiwi documentaries and one frequently hilarious hybrid of unlikely reality and sheer invention make for our first New Zealand announcements this year. We can only be humbled by the dogged commitment of local documentary filmmakers who have dedicated vast swathes of their time to showing us something great and fascinating about the world. Despite the high degree of self-reliance which pretty much defines the local infrastructure for documentary makers, these are all beautifully crafted films. It’s a privilege to be in a position to put such fine work on screen.

Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Director Anthony Powell has spent nine winters in Antarctica. A self-taught photographer, Anthony has built his own equipment to survive the harsh conditions and capture stunning time-lapse imagery. A Year on Ice shows us a part of the world most will never discover, in breath-taking hi-definition. 

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The Deadly Ponies Gang

Clint and Dwayne, awesome lady-killer pony-riding gang of two, raise the funds to get Dwayne a new set of teeth. The funniest movie valentine to stoned mateship and recreational innovation in backblocks NZ since Kaikohe Demolition.

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Gardening with Soul

Director Jess Feast (Cowboys and Communists) joins Sister Loyola at the Home of Compassion in Island Bay, Wellington. Sister Loyola, a NZ Gardener of the Year, continues to tend to the community garden she established, now in her 90s, whilst providing refreshingly candid reflections on life and religion.

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Soul in the Sea

Director Amy Taylor travelled to Whakatane after seeing media reports of a friendly lone dolphin named Moko. She spent the next six months documenting Moko’s time with the community, getting to know his friends and detractors. 

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