Terms and Conditions May Apply

“Deeply unnerving stuff… a riveting investigation on the death of privacy.” — Ben Umstead, Twitch

Director: Cullen Hoback
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Running time: 79 mins

Screenplay/Editor: Cullen Hoback
Producers: Cullen Hoback, John Ramos, Nitin Khanna
Photography: Ben Wolf
Sound: Jason Edwards
Music: John Morgan Askew

With: Danah Boyd, Doug Rushkoff, Margaret Atwood, Mark Zuckerberg, Moby, Orson Scott Card, Ray Kurzweil, Sherry Turkle

“Deftly balancing twin goals of informing and entertaining, this documentary matter-of-factly details the various ways that marketers, multinational corporations, police departments and government-run intelligence-gathering organizations obtain and exploit info that people freely share and showcase via cell phones, websites and social media.” — Joe Leydon, Variety

Terms and Conditions May Apply is a documentary exposé about the terms of agreement that we all blithely click through when we join Facebook or Google or iTunes or a multitude of other sites. It’s chock full of information that you should know but probably don’t, including the fact that the US government tried to launch a privacy-destroying agency called the Information Awareness Office, whose Illuminati-licious logo was the eye of a pyramid scanning the globe. And the whole thing builds to a tense confrontation with one of the architects of our new privacy-less world, a scene that would be worth the price of admission all on its own.” — Paul Constant, The Stranger