Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

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Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon

Hong Sang-soo’s latest is an offbeat comedy about an affair between a young student and her married professor.

Director: Hong Sang-soo
Year: 2013
Country: Korea
Running time: 90 mins
Censor Rating: M - offensive language
Genres: Love stories

Screenplay: Hong Sang-soo
Producer: Kim Kyoung-hee
Photography: Kim Hyung-koo, Park Hong-yeol
Editors: Hahm Sung-won, Son Yeon-ji
Production designer: Kim Jin-young
Sound: Kim Yong-joo
Music: Jeong Yong-jin
In Korean and English, with English subtitles

With: Jeong Eun-chae (Haewon), Lee Sun-kyun (Seong-jun), Kim Eui-sung (Jung-won), Kim Ja-ok (Jin-ju), Yu Jun-sang (Jung-shik), Ye Ji-won (Yeon-ju), Jane Birkin (herself)

Festivals: Berlin 2013

With his unfaltering production schedule delivering a new film every NZIFF season, the prolific Hong Sang-soo continues to charm and delight audiences hip to his perceptive but ever-cynical take on modern relationships. His latest takes a rare (for Hong) female perspective. Aspiring actress Haewon wants to end her secretive on-off relationship with her married professor, but when her mother impulsively decides to emmigrate to Canada, a depressed Haewon seeks comfort. An afternoon date that drifts into a drinking session turns disastrous when soju-loosened lips reveal too much. Hong punctuates the film with a series of playful and self-reflexive dream sequences, including an amusingly gushy encounter with French actress/singer Jane Birkin. — Michael McDonnell

“Laced with the South Korean director’s barbed wit about male foibles, the eponymous heroine exudes a purity and vulnerability rare in Hong’s gallery of vain and blasé intellectuals.” — Maggie Lee, Variety