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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Intro
Fallen Art
Jan Matejko’s Battle of Grunwald
The Great Escape
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Year: 2012
Country: Poland
Running time: 72 mins
Censor Rating: R16 - violence, horror and content that may disturb
Genres: Animation

Poland’s Platige Image Film Studio is having a very major say in the shaping of 3D stereoscopic animation. In existence for a mere 15 years, Platige Image has produced a truly impressive collection of short films and commercials. One of its very first short films, The Cathedral, was nominated for an Academy Award and virtually every one of its shorts since then has gone on to win awards and near-universal acclaim.

This programme will be introduced by Maciej Jackiewicz, animation director and CG supervisor at Platige Image. In more than a decade at the studio, he has worked on some their highest profile projects, the most recent of which was The Witcher. Maciej is a member of an elite community of CGI and 3D digital ‘engineers’ driving the technology. His perspective on where digital animation is headed will be fascinating. — MT

Maciej Jackiewicz’s visit is made possible by the generous assistance of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Wellington.

The Cathedral

Tomek Baginski/Poland 2002/6 mins/2D

An ethereal journey through a structure of infinite intrigue.


Fallen Art

Tomek Baginski/Poland 2005/6 mins/2D

The ingenious cruelty of a machine designed to capture an alternative version of the cinematic moving image.



Grzegorz Jonkajtys/Poland 2007/8 mins/2D

A vast ship with a confused human cargo plots a course to challenge the inevitable.


Teaching Infinity

Bartek Kik, Jakub Jablonski/Poland 2008/15 mins/2D

Easier to do than you might think, and just as exciting. An amazing blaze of images that draw from a vast imaginative reservoir.


The Great Escape

Damian Nenow/Poland 2006/6 mins/2D

The REAL news behind the weather. A running battle between the elements and technology.


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Intro

Tomek Baginski, Maciej Jackiewicz/Poland 2011/4 mins/2D

A superb and chilling teaser for one of the most polished pieces of gaming animation so far created.


Animated History of Poland

Tomek Baginski/Poland 2010/8 mins/3D stereoscopic

Two thousand years squeezed into eight minutes. A high-speed visual chronology of the creation of modern Poland.


Jan Matejko’s Battle of Grunwald

Tomek Baginski/Poland 2010/4 mins/3D stereoscopic

A spellbinding digital rendition of Jan Matejko’s massive mural.


City of Ruins

Damian Nenow/Poland 2010/5 mins/3D stereoscopic

A heart-wrenching digital recreation of a devastated Warsaw in the immediate aftermath of WW2.


Paths of Hate

Damian Nenow/Poland 2010/10 mins/3D stereoscopic

A simply astounding testament to the madness of war.