The Law in These Parts

Shilton ha chok

“A detailed and nuanced look at how Israel constructed a legal system for the occupied territories.” — Kenneth Turan, LA Times

Year: 2011
Country: Germany, Israel, USA
Running time: 101 mins

Producer: Liran Atzmor
Photography: Shark De Mayo
Editor: Neta Dvorkis
Music: Karni Postel
In Hebrew with English subtitles
Colour and B&W/Blu-ray

With: Justice Meir Shamgar, Dov Shefi, Abraham Pachter, Alexander Ramti, Jair Rabinovich, Justice Amnon Strashnov, Ilan Katz, Oded Pesensson, Jonathan Livny

Festivals: Sundance, San Francisco 2012

Grand Jury Prize (World Documentary), Sundance Film Festival 2012

Putting the law itself on trial, this incisive documentary interrogates the framing and persistence of the military legal system that rules Palestinians living under occupation while Israeli citizens in the same territory live under civilian law. The Israeli Defense Force has applied military law in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for 45 years, as if the process had been legitimised by the passage of time. Filmmaker Ra’anan Alexandrowicz has persuaded the architects of the system – military judges and attorneys, including a former president of the Israeli Supreme Court – to submit, with varying degrees of sang froid, to interviews in which they are asked to consider the intent of the laws they crafted. He questions their relationship to justice, the rule of law and the problematic notion of a Jewish and Democratic State in which not everyone is Jewish. — BG

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