Last Days Here

Image: copyright Jeff Lee

“An unsettling, compelling look at an aged rocker’s final shot at stardom.” — Christopher Bell, indieWIRE

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running time: 90 mins
Censor Rating: R16 - drug use, offensive language

Photography: Don Argott, Demian Fenton
Producer: Sheena M. Joyce
Editor: Demian Fenton
Music: Stars of the Lid, Rachel Grimes, Pentagram

With: Bobby Liebling, Sean ‘Pellet’ Pelletier, Diane Liebling, Joe Liebling, Hallie Miller, Geof O’Keefe, Greg Mayne, J.B. Beverly, Murray Krugman, Ian Christie, Jimmy Bower

Festivals: SXSW, London 2011

This heart-wrenching exploration of territory mined by the doc Anvil! The Story of Anvil replaces Spinal Tap laughs with a brutal peek into the frozen life of Bobby Liebling. A one-time singer of just-on-the-cusp- of-breaking-out 70s hard-rock group Pentagram, now a meth-ridden Gandalf-esque junkie, he has been hiding out in his parents’ basement for 30 years. There had been little sign of Liebling until an amiable young metalhead called Sean decided to re-release Pentagram’s out-of-print back catalogue. Standing in his way is Liebling himself, a mesmerising yet frustrating contradiction whose dreams of musical resurrection clash with his desire to simply stop being a burden on the world. Poetic, poignant and thankfully uplifting, LDH instantly goes into the pantheon of great rock docs. It has every cliché you’d expect, yet still manages to make the sincere desire of all involved for Liebling’s redemption completely fresh and original. — AT 

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